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Broaden Our Reach: Affinity Group Websites

Updated: May, 2022

Presenting our list of affinity group websites for the purpose of expanding access to executive career opportunities.

Tips for Job Seekers: Winning the Interview

March, 2021

Part II of our Tips for Job Seekers series, this time focusing on the interview.

Networking for Opportunities: How to Get the Word Out That You’re Looking

December, 2020

A personal journal entry on building professional relationships.

Equity: The Work of Wellness for Us All

November, 2020

Noteworthy and inspiring ideas we came across on our journey.

Tips for Job Seekers: Getting Organized

November, 2020

Part I in a series of helpful tips for executives that are on the move.

The World is Still Hiring

November, 2020

New Rules of Business

October, 2020

How will the next quarter-century look for your company?
Learn more at Fast Company

Get Out the Vote

September, 2020

Here are some ideas to help leaders make sure their employees’ voices are heard.
Learn more at

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

August, 2020

Are you D&I efforts helping employees feel like they belong?
Learn more at Harvard Business Review

Developing Habits

August, 2020

Six female executives on the lifestyle changes they’ll keep post-pandemic.
Learn more at Fast Company

Leadership During Crisis

May, 2020

Leaders who successfully navigate crises act with “deliberate calm” and “bounded optimism.”
Learn more at McKinsey.

Helpful Perspectives

May, 2020

Some helpful perspectives as leaders navigate the return to work and the new – and evolving – normal.
Learn more at Deloitte.

We Took the MN Tech Diversity Pledge

May, 2020

Clockwork is helping change the workforce to be more inclusive of underrepresented communities.

“Doran Leadership Partners are our go-to resource for adding critical and high impact talent to our team. Their intimate knowledge of our organization, professional and authentic style and broad search experience are highly valued by us…so much so that we consider them an extension of our team!”

Rick Clevette, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Mortenson

“They’re not the flashiest, but Doran Leadership Partners is fabulous at the entire process. They recruited a qualified and diverse candidate pool, did an amazing job prepping us for interviews, and coached us in making good decisions on the searches we’ve worked on together.”

Ann Mulholland, Chapter Director, The Nature Conservancy in MN, ND and SD

One of the many things that really stands out about DLP is the thoughtful insight they offer about the candidates they present. They dig deep and offer a compelling point of view about which candidates would be a strong fit and why.  This helps ensure that the finalists we meet with are the best candidates for the role.”

Jeff Turner, Owner – Hillcrest Capital Partners
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