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“Doran Leadership Partners was our top firm choice when seeking a divisional President. Every member of the engagement team lives DLP’s values as they worked with us in completing key stakeholder position scoping interviews, engaging in candidate research and vetting, and ultimately enabling us to select the right candidate. Trusting their proven process, we were able to fill an executive role in 60 days!”

“I have a very high degree of confidence in DLP’s expectation for an awesome outcome. They always want to place the very best leader for us and their commitment to understanding our organization and our values upfront contributes to that success.”

“Having once been a candidate in the DLP process, I knew I would hire them when I had the chance because their candidate experience is superior. And now, on the client side, I appreciate that they work differently than others in that there is more connectedness, intimacy, and authenticity. They are real people doing what’s best for your business.”

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